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If you are looking for a special book or autograph, let me help you find it. Montagnana Books has the most extensive collection of violin and string instrument books and autographs available.

We have books about Stradivari and Guarneri, violinmaking, violinmakers, violinists, violists, and cellists, and rare and collectible books by Hill, Doring, Roda, and others. We also have autographs by the greatest virtuosos of the 19th and 20th centuries.




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Fantastic New Book Now Available

Wilder, Tom, ed. THE CONSERVATION, RESTORATION, AND REPAIR OF STRINGED INSTRUMENTS AND THEIR BOWS. Three volume collection of 150 articles. Includes a CD-ROM providing editable forms and measurement diagrams for documentation.
1600 pages. 1300 illustrations. (8 1/2 x 11 inches, cloth bound with dust jackets).
$1,477.00 (including shipping to North America and European Union)
$1,495.00 (including shipping to all other parts of the world)


Strings Magazine Almost Complete Run
Now Available!

Strings Magazine. 1986-2011. Virtually complete run, missing 3 issues.
195 issues of this fascinating and important magazine dedicated to the string player. A very long, almost complete run, from the Premier issue, Spring, 1986, through issue no. 198, October, 2011. Missing issues: no. 174 (October, 2009); no. 186 (October, 2010); and no. 195 (July, 2011). Issues 186 and 195 are available now directly from Strings Magazine, for $5.99 each.
The price for the run is $750. Shipping to the U.S. will be by six priority mail C boxes, for an approximate total of $270. International shipping figures by request, but will probably be at least $600 or $700.

New Items Now Available in Catalog 53:


CASALS, Pablo. Portrait Signed. 1960. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Casalsportrait1960.jpg
The cellist has signed “Pablo Casals 1960”, underneath a cutout of a portrait that has been mounted to a card. Very attractive.
(6 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches, mounting traces on verso). $275.00

HEIFETZ, Jascha. Signed Bell Telephone Hour Recital Program. 1958.$200.00



MANÉN, Juan. Signed Postcard Photo. 1928. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Manen1928SPc.jpg
The Catalan violinist and composer (1883-1971) is shown in a head and shoulders portrait. Boldly signed “Joan Manén” followed by the date. $175.00

OISTRAKH, David. Autograph Letter Signed. 1972. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Oistrakhsp1972.jpg
The great Russian violinist (1908-1974) writes in Russian to a friend, “we are almost one month in this trip, but soon it’s time to return home... I work a lot, as you work at the hospital. Did you have a vacation?”. Signed “Oistrakh”. With translation. (on a postcard, creased) $200.00

PAGANINI, Nicolo. Lithograph. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Paganinilito.jpg
A head and shoulders, hand-colored lithograph of Paganini, with a facsimile signature at the bottom. In a gold-trimed frame. The lithograph has been cut out around the image and mounted on a board. (image is 9 x 10 3/4 inches, frame is 15 x 17 1/4 inches) $250.00 Sold!

PAGANINI, Nicolo. THE MODERN ORPHEUS. London, June 3, 1831. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/ModernOrpheus.jpg
The wonderful and famous lithograph, showing Paganini playing with a group of musicians who have stopped playing and are watching him in amazement. (7 1/2 x 9 3/8 inches, matted and framed to 11 x 13 1/2 inches) $250.00

SPALDING, Albert. Autograph Musical Quotation Signed Matted and Framed with Portrait. 1921.



The great American violinist (1888-1953) was a student of Chiti and Buitrago before entering the Bologna Conservatory at the age of 14. He later studied with Lefort. He made his American debut in 1908, and gave the US premiers of the violin concertos of Dohnany, Elgar and Barber. His own works include an orchestra suite, 2 violin concertos, a string quartet, a violin sonata, etc. He has drawn a staff on a card and written two bars of music, and has signed “Albert Spalding” followed by the date.(the card is 5 x 3 inches, matted and framed with a portrait to 15 x 19 inches) $125.00

Hamma, Walter. VIOLIN-MAKERS OF THE GERMAN SCHOOL FROM THE 17TH TO THE 19TH CENTURY. Tutzing: Schneider, 1992. Two Volumes. In English, German and French. THE DELUXE EDITION.
Volume I: xvi, 519 pp., Volume II: viii, 591 pp., 390 instruments illustrated with different views on full-page plates. A great new addition to the family of Hamma books, and a valuable new reference about German makers. Beautifully bound in leather. Edition limited to 100 copies. Very scarce.   $1500.00

Beare, Charles. ANTONIO STRADIVARI. The Cremona Exhibition of 1987. London, 1993. The Deluxe Edition.
328 pp., more than 225 pages of color illustrations of instruments, illustrating 44 instruments and 2 bows, including the Tullaye, Mahler, Hellier, Tuscan, Medici, Baron Knoop, Soil, Batta, Lady Blunt, Sarasate, Habeneck and Muntz. An unbelievable collection of Stradivari’s instruments in probably the finest color photos of instruments ever printed. A sensational book, in a slipcase! No. 262 of the edition limited to only 300 copies. The deluxe edition was sold out by subscription, about 2 years before the book was actually published, and is extremely scarce.   $2800.00

The Violin Maker's Journal. The Official Monthly Publicatioin of the Violin Makers Association of British Columbia. 1957-1964. Complete in Seven Volumes. Bound in newer green cloth.
It is extarordinarly rare to find a journal like this and of this vintage complete and in this condition. $650.00

(Gaspar da Salò) Mucchi, A. M. GASPARO DA SALÒ. LA VITA E L’OPERA. 1540-1609. Milano: Editore Ulrico Hoepli, 1940.
xvii, 227 pp., 52 plates. (8 3/4 x 12 inches, paper covers, covers and spine a bit worn, spine chipped away about an inch at top, some chipping to back cover, some minor staining, covers partially detached at top) A wonderful book about this great maker. Very scarce! Only the second copy I have had in about 20 years. $750.00

Alburger, Mary Anne. THE VIOLIN MAKERS. Portrait of a Living Craft. London, 1978. The Deluxe Edition.
240 pp., plus 31 plates illustrating the instruments of these makers. (leather covers a bit spotted and worn) An interesting book that interviews 28 modern British instrument makers. This is number 40 of the deluxe edition limited to only 40 copies. In a slipcase. Very scarce. $175.00

Bauer, Heinrich. PRACTICAL HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN. A Handbook Indispensable to Violin Players or Violin Owners. Containing 778 Genuine Violin Labels in True Photographical Reproduction. 1200 Violinmakers' Names and Biographies, etc., etc. New York, 1911.
36 pp., 39 pp. of plates. (8 1/4 x 11 inches, paper covers, covers and spine a bit chipped and worn) Scarce. $150.00

van der Straeten, Edmund. THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLONCELLO, the Viol da Gamba, their Precursors and Collateral Instruments, with Biographies of all the Most Eminent Players of Every Country. London: William Reeves, 1971.
xvii, 700 pp., portrait, 59 plates, 63 illustrations in the text. (5 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches, very good condition, no dust jacket) Now quite scarce.      $175.00


Sale Items Now Available:
(No additional discounts apply)


The following books are from the Winter 2014 Sale of Books.
Click on the link above to see all of the books on special sale.
Books are discounted 50% plus an additional 5%
for purchases of $1000 or more

Berenzi, D. Angelo. GLI ARTEFICI LIUTAI BRESCIANI. Lettura. Brescia, 1890.
32 pp. (6 x 9 inches, paper covers, some wear and chipping) Heron Allen described this pamphlet as follows: “There is more to be found concerning the Brescian makers in this pamphlet than in the entire remaining mass of violin literature.” Very scarce.      50% off $175.00 Sold!

Bletschacher, Richard. DIE LAUTEN-UND GEIGENMACHER DES FÜSSENER LANDES.  Hofheim am Taunus: Friedrich Hofmeister, 1978. First edition. In German.
239 pp., with 70 pp. of illustrations of instruments and labels. (9 3/4 x 11 1/2 inches, d.j. a bit rubbed and chipped) Quite uncommon. 50% off $225.00

Boltshauser, Hans. DIE GEIGENBAUER DER SCHWEIZ. Basel, 1969. In German.
142 pp., including 57 full page plates. (8 1/2 x 12 inches, minor wear to d.j. edge of pages sl. creased) 50% off $250.00

Clark, R. Ingham. A FEW NOTES ON VARNISHES AND FOSSIL RESINS. London, n.d. (c.1891) Illustrated by James West.
iv, 69 pp., drawings. (9 x 11 1/4 inches, covers and spine a bit worn, inside covers taped) Includes a section on violin varnish. Scarce.  50% off $325.00 Sold!

Coffignier, Charles. LES VERNIS. Paris, 1921. In French.
viii, 640 pp., 37 illustrations. (paper covers, some pages worn and sl. chipped, some pages stained) Includes numerous varnish recipes. Extremely scarce! 50% off $850.00

(Cremona) Spotti, Giancarlo. CONTEMPORARY CREMONESE VIOLIN MAKING. Cremona: Turris, 1994.
232 pp., 161 illustrations. A beautiful book featuring 47 contemporary violin makers.      50% off $275.00

Gallay, J. UN INVENTAIRE SOUS LA TERREUR. Etat des Instruments de Musique Relevé Chez les Émigré et Condamnés par A. Bruni. L’un des Délégrués de la Convention. Paris, 1890.
xxxiv, 238 pp., frontispiece. (bound in 3/4 leather and marbled boards with original covers bound in, pages uncut) Limited to 300 copies, the first 100 in special Holland paper, this is copy no. 34. Extremely scarce.     50% off $1200.00 Sold!

(Gasparo da Salo) Rho-Guerriero, Vittorio Emanuele. GASPARO DA SALO. Roma, 1892.
75 pp. (5 3/4 x 9 inches, paper covers) Scarce. 50% off $175.00 Sold!

(Guadagnini, Giovanni Battista) GIOVANNI BATTISTA GUADAGNINI LIUTAIO. Nato a Bilegno di Borgonovo V. T. 1711. Gruppo Intesa, 2000.
83 pp., numerous illustrations, plus color illustrations of violins of Piacenza, 1742 and 1747, Milano, 1751-52, and Torino, 1770. (9 x 12 3/4 inches, d.j. sl. worn) A very good and rare documentary book about Giovanni Battista Guadagnini and his family. Scarce.   $175.00 (reduced from $275.00)

Hamma, Fridolin. GERMAN VIOLIN MAKERS. A Critical Dictionary of German Violin Makers, with a Series of Plates Illustrating Characteristic and Fine Examples of their Work. London: William Reeves, 1961.
xi, 49 pp. of text, 80 plates of instruments, each with 2 views of the instrument, plus the scroll and label. (d.j. a bit rubbed, o/w near-fine condition) Scarce!    50% off $500.00

Heron-Allen, Edward. DE FIDICULIS BIBLIOGRAPHIA. Being the Basis of a Bibliography of the Violin and all Other Instruments Played with a Bow in Ancient & Modern Times. London: The Holland Press, 1961. Reprint of the 1890-1894 edition.
xlv, 416 pp., lxxvii. (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, no d.j., near-fine condition) A fascinating list of all published books on the violin published until 1894. Scarce in this edition as well. Limited to 500 copies. 50% off $350.00

Huber, John. THE VIOLIN MARKET. The Violinists Guide to Instrument Purchase. Frankfurt, 1995. In English and German.
151 pp., 32 pp. of illustrations. (9 1/2 x 12 1/4 inches) An interesting book that examines violin history in economic restrospect, the structure of the violin, identifying, buying and selling violins, the bow market, and selecting a violin. Instruments illustrated included violins of Rugeri, Stradivari, Rogeri, Guarneri del Gesu, Guadagnini and Lupot.
50% off $225.00

Möckel, Otto. DIE KUNST DES GEIGENBAUES. Berlin, 1930.
389 pp., 128 diagrams, 71 plates of illustrations. In German. (8 x 11 inches, bound in 3/4 leather and boards, leather a bit rubbed) Great illustrations that show many of the steps involved in violin-making. Very scarce edition, signed by the author.   50% off $450.00

Peterlongo, Paolo. IL VIOLINO DI VECSEY. Die Geige Vecseys. Milano, 1977.
377 pp., numerous illustrations. (8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches, in a paper slipcase) Scarce.   50% off $275.00

Pierre, Constant. LE FACTEURS D’INSTRUMENTS DI MUSIQUE les Luthiers et la Facture Instrumentale. Precis Historique. Paris, 1893.
xiii, 440 pp. (4 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches, paper covers, some wear to covers and spine) An interesting book that includes historical documents (articles of associations, prices, etc.) related to the makers of musical instruments in France, dating back to ancient times. An entire chapter, plus additional material, is devoted to luthiers. Scarce.   50% off $225.00 Sold!

Vannes, René. ESSAI D’UN DICTIONNAIRE UNIVERSEL DES LUTHIERS. Paris: Librairie Fischbacher, 1932.
xiii, 430 pp., lxxxvii pp. of label facsimiles, other illustrations. (6 ½ x 10 inches, paper covers, front cover partially detached, pages separating) This edition scarce.
50% off $300.00

Vannes, René. 1252 ÉTIQUETTES DE LUTHIERS. Tirage a Part des 87 Planches D’Étiquettes du Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers. Paris: Librairie Fischbacher, 1935.
87 plates with 1252 facsimiles of labels. (6 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches, bound in newer cloth with original covers bound in, small tear in original front cover) Very scarce!50% off $300.00

168 pp., numerous illustrations. Edition limited to 1000 copies. An interesting book that includes a CD. 50% off $225.00 Sold!

Additional Sale Items

MILSTEIN, Nathan. Signed Photo. 1937. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Milstein1937signedphoto.jpg
The great Russian-American violinist (1904-1992), was a student of Stoliarsky and Auer. He played with Horowitz and Piatigorsky in sonatas and trios. He had one of the longest, most distinguished careers of any violinist, and is considered by many to be in a class with Heifetz. He is shown in a head and shoulders portrati. Inscribed and signed “N. Milstein” followed by the date. (8 x 10 inches, some minor wear and creases) $400.00 (reduced from $650.00)

MILSTEIN, Nathan. Signed Photo. 1937. http://www.montagnanabooks.com/Milsteinsignedphoto1937.jpg
The great Russian-American violinist (1904-1992), was a student of Stoliarsky and Auer. He played with Horowitz and Piatigorsky in sonatas and trios. He had one of the longest, most distinguished careers of any violinist, and is considered by many to be in a class with Heifetz. An interesting head and shoulders portrait, he is shown looking down. Inscribed and signed "N. Milstein" with the place and date. (8 x 10 inches, image is a bit fuzzy) $300.00 (reduced from $600.00)

Coutagne, Henry. GASPARD DUIFFOPROUCART et les Luthiers Lyonnais du XVIe Siecle. Paris: Fischbacher, 1893. In French.
79 pp., frontispiece. (7 x 11 inches, covers a bit worn and stained, edges of pages untrimmed) Regazzi calls this “a most valuable contribution to early violin history.” Very scarce! $650.00 (reduced from $850.00)

De Wit, Paul. GEIGENZETTEL ALTER MEISTER vom 16. bis zur mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 1902.
14 pp., 400 facsimiles of labels. (8 x 11 inches, boards, covers and spine frayed) The scarcest edition. $200.00 (reduced from $300.00)

Ehrlich, A. DAS STREICH QUARTETT IN WORT UND BILD. Leipzig, 1898. In German.
vii, 83 pp., numerous illustrations. (10 1/4 x 8 1/8 inches, some rubbing to covers and spine, several pages reattached, rebacked) An absolutely wonderful book that includes photos and biographical information on over 40 quartets, including the Florentiner, Petri, Lewinger, Brodski, Berber, Hellmesberger, Rosé, Prill, Fitzner, Soldat-Roeger, Duesberg, Joachim (Berlin), Joachim (London), Londoner, Dresdener, Suttgart, Halir, Hamburger, Riller, Bohmische, Budapest, Petersburger, Bologneser, Triester, Kneisel and Romische quartets. Extremely scarce. $650.00 (reduced from $850.00)

Three volumes, 10 x 14 1/4 inches, gilt-stamped titles, each volume in a slip-case with similar gilt-stamped titles.
Collection in the Library of Congress: 80 pp. of photographs in color, 48 pp. of explanatory text and illustrations. 8 instruments illustrated.
Collection in the Smithsonian Institution: 132 pp. of photographs in color, 32 pp. of explanatory text and illustrations, 15 instruments illustrated.
Collection in the Corcoran Gallery of Art: 88 pp. of photographs in color, 32 pp. of explanatory text and illustrations, 8 instruments illustrated.
Beautiful full-page photographs by Shinichi Yokoyama, who did the photographs for the book Stradivari in Japan. In English and Japanese. A beautiful set of books. $1800.00 (reduced from $2200.00)

Farga, Franz. VIOLINS & VIOLINISTS. With a chapter on English Violin Makers, by E. W. Lavender. London: Rockliff, 1951. THE DELUXE EDITION.
xvi, 223 pp., frontispiece, 80 illustrations, 10 line drawings. (full-calf binding, top edge gilt, edges of covers and spine rubbed, covers and spine a bit worn) No. 12 of the edition limited to 200 copies. $250.00 (reduced from $350.00)

Hamma, Fridolin. MEISTERWERKE ITALIENISCHER GEIGENBAUKUNST. Ihre Beschreibung und Bisher Erzielte Preise. Stuttgart, n.d. (c. 1932) In German.
xiii, 347 pp., 212 plates of instruments, each with two views, 9 full-scale outlines. (general condition very good to near-fine, some minor wear, one of the perforated outlines is loose, in the original dust jacket, which is nearly unheard of, d.j. torn at spine, small pieces of tape on inside of covers had been used to hold the dust jacket in place) A beautiful and very rare book, with wonderful plates, the edition limited to 1200 copies, this one unnumbered. Never reprinted because the plates were destroyed during World War II. Instruments illustrated include violins of Amati, Balestrieri, Bergonzi, da Salo, Carcassi, Gagliano, Grancino, Gobetti, Goffriller, Guadagnini, all the Guarneris, Landolfi, Maggini, Stradivari (35 examples!), etc., etc. Very scarce. $1800.00 (reduced from $2400.00)

Hamma, Fridolin. DIE D'EGVILLE–DEL GESÜ. Stuttgart, 1961.
55 pp., 8 illustrations (one in color). (5 7/8 x 10 inches, covers a bit dirty) A beautiful monograph about this great violin. No. 351 of the edition limited to only 500 copies. A copy sold for £385, about $675 at the Christieπs auction of June, 1990. Very scarce. 50% off $750.00

Hamma, Fridolin. GERMAN VIOLIN MAKERS. A Critical Dictionary of German Violin Makers, with a Series of Plates Illustrating Characteristic and Fine Examples of their Work. London: William Reeves, 1961. The Deluxe Edition.
xi, 49 pp. of text, 80 plates of instruments, each with 2 views of the instrument, plus the scroll and label. (top edge gilt, bound in 3/4 leather and blue cloth, very sl. wear to covers, in general, contents fine to very fine) No. 8 of the edition limited to 100 copies. Very scarce. $1500.00 (reduced from $2000.00)

unpaged (16 pp.), 3 color illustrations. (7 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches, stiff paper covers, 3-punch holes with tie, lettering on cover faded, the illustrations have a stamp from the Erich Heberlein company) The first copy I have seen in 10 years. Extremely scarce. $275.00 (reduced from $575.00)

Herrmann, Emil. HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF TWO MASTERPIECES BY ANTONIUS STRADIVARIUS Known as the “King Maximilian” from the Year 1709 and the “Prinz Khevenhüller” from the Year 1733. In the Possession of Emil Herrmann. Privately printed in Berlin and New York, n.d. (1929?)
33 pp, 6 color plates of views of the two instruments, plus 4 other illustrations, including one label. (the leather edges and spine a bit rubbed, top edge of pages have sl. crease, o/w contents near fine to fine) A very rare monograph of these two spectacular violins, no. 107 of the English edition limited to 200 copies. Sold in London in 1991 for $1000. $450.00 (reduced from $750.00)

Hill and Sons. ANTONIO STRADIVARI. His Life and Work. (1644-1737). London, 1902. THE DELUXE EDITION.
xvi, 303 pp., 31 plates of instruments and labels, 21 of which are in color, 68 illustrations. Bound in full green morocco, covers decorated in gilt. (covers and spine quite worn, several pages partially detached and sl. torn, in general contents and plates very good to near-fine) No. 2 of the edition limited to 100 copies. In a slipcase. Extremely scarce! $1100.00 (reduced from $2500.00)

Hjorth, Arne. DANISH VIOLINS AND THEIR MAKERS. Copenhagen: Emil Hjorth & Sønner, 1963.
8 pp. of text, 40 plates of instruments and labels. Bound in full leather. (some wear to covers and edges) Edition limited to 500 copies. A wonderful monograph on past and contemporary Danish violin makers. Scarce! $400.00 (reduced from $600.00

Jacquot, Albert. LA LUTHERIE LORRAINE ET FRANCAISE. Paris, 1912.
xxxix, 357 pp., 24 portraits, 521 facsimeles of labels, 64 illustrations in text, 40 illustrations. (3/4 leather and marbled boards, rebacked, original marbled endpapers) Edition limited to 500 copies. Regazzi says, “A very important text written by a violin maker who spent much of his time researching the history of the French luthiers. This book contains 521 label-facsimiles unpublished before.” A spectacular and very scarce book. $1950.00 (reduced from $2500.00)

Jalovec, Karel. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VIOLIN MAKERS. London: Paul Hamlyn, 1968.
Two Volumes. Volume I: A-K, 482 pp., 110 plates, 16 color plates. Volume II: L-Z, 399 pp., 86 plates, 8 color plates. (dust jackets worn and torn, contents near-fine, in a slipcase) $650.00 (reduced from $850.00)

Mozart, Leopold. GRÜNDLICHE
268 pp., frontispiece, 3 additional plates, 2 of which are hand-colored, numerous musical examples. (7 x 8 1/4 inches, covers and spine worn, some foxing, missing the table at the back, which is included in photocopy, belonged to David Boyden)  This is one of the scarcest books on the violin, with first editions often selling for around $6000. Interestingly, while the first edition is certainly the most scarce, it is the second and subsequent editions that make the first printed mention of Wolfgang Mozart. When the first edition went to the publisher, Mozart had not been born. However, between the time Leopold first submitted his book to the publisher and the time it was finally published, the announcement of the birth of Wolfgang was made.         $650.00 (reduced from $750.00)

Pougin, Arthur. LE VIOLON. Les Violonistes et la Musique de Violon du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle. Paris: Librairie Fischbacher, 1924.
358 pp., 20 plates, 36 illustrations, musical examples. In French. (7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, beautifuly bound in leather and marbled boards, with marbled endpapers, covers a bit worn and rubbed, front cover sl. cracked, top edge of pages sl. creased) Includes wonderful plates of Corelli, Tartini, Locatelli, Viotti, Le Clair, Guignon and others. Very Scarce. $300.00 (reduced from $550.00)

Roda, Joseph. BOWS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OF THE VIOLIN FAMILY. Chicago: William Lewis and Son, 1959. The Deluxe Edition.
335 pp., 20 illustrations, 47 double plates illustrating 241 bows. Includes a biographical list of bow makers. (full leather binding, gilt titles and decoration on covers and spine, top edges gilt, in a slipcase, fine to very fine condition) No. 156 of the edition limited to 200 copies. Extremely scarce. $1750.00 (reduced from $2500.00)

(Stradivari) (Mostra) MOSTRA DI ANTONIO STRADIVARI. Settimane Musicali di Stressa. Isola Bella, 1963.
71 pp., 47 instruments illustrated on full-page plates. In Italian and English. (8 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches, minor wear to covers, corners bumped and sl. rubbed) A copy brought £552, about $850 at the Sotheby’s auction of June, 1996. No. 96 of the edition limited to 1000 copies. $300.00 (reduced from $450.00)

132 pp., numerous illustrations. (18 x 12 inches) A new photo documentary book highlighting the great masters of Italian and French violin making. Makers included are Riccardo Antoniazzi, Paul Bailly, Gustave Bernardel, Mateo Gofriller, Antonio Gragnani, Nicolas Lupot, Francesco Rugieri, and J. B. Vuillaume. $325.00 (reduced from $475.00)

Tolbecque, Auguste. L’ART DU LUTHIER. Nirot: Chez L’auteur, 1903. In French.
x, 314 pp., 99 illustrations, portraits of several French luthiers. (bound in leather and marbled boards, with original covers bound in, covers a bit worn and frayed, spine a bit frayed) A fascinating book that includes sections on all facets of instrument making, including clamps, planes, many varnish recipes, from Piemontais’s recipe of 1550 to Maugin’s of 1834, tuning pegs, fingerboards, etc., etc. Extremely scarce! $700.00 (reduced from $1000.00)

(Vuillaume, J. B.) Millant, R. J. B. VUILLAUME. His Life and Work. London: Hill and Sons, 1972. In English, French and German. THE DELUXE EDITION.
207 pp., frontispiece, 80 pages of illustrations, bound in full morocco leather, with gilt decorations and in a slipcase. This edition limited to 500 copies. A copy brought £231, about $450 at the Christieπs auction of November, 1990. $350.00 (reduced from $500.00)

Werro, Henry. "LADY BLUNT" STRADIVARIUS-VIOLINE 1721. Bern, 1943.
24 pp., 5 illustrations. (6 3/4 x 10 1/2 inches, covers a bit worn) No. 118 of the edition limited to 200 copies. Inscribed by Werro to Emil Hamma. Extremely scarce. $1500.00 (reduced from $2000.00)

Werro, Henry. "OLE BULL" Joseph Guarnerius del Gesù, 1744. Berne, 1971.
51 pp., gold-stamped boards, 2 portraits of Ole Bull, 4 photographs of the violin. In German, French and English. (6 3/4 x 10 1/4 inches, fine condition, no slipcase, one plate loose, signed by Werro) No. 236 of an edition limited to 400. Scarce! $300.00 (reduced from $500.00)

Wurlitzer Co., Rudolph. RARE VIOLINS, VIOLAS, VIOLONCELLOS of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries of the Wurlitzer Collection. Part I. New York, 1931.
210 pp., frontispiece in color, 75 full page plates illustrating two views each, stiff wrappers. (bound in newer cloth) A copy brought £308, about $550 at the Christie's auction of November, 1991. $200.00 (reduced from $300.00)

Wurlitzer Co., Rudolph. RARE BOWS FOR VIOLIN, VIOLA VIOLONCELLO by Makers of the 18th and 19th Centuries. New York, 1931.
48 pp., frontispiece, 4 pages of illustrations of bows. (a bit worn) Scarce. $250.00 (reduced from $350.00)

Yokoyama, Shinichi. ANTONIO STRADIVARI IN JAPAN. Tokyo: Gakken Co., 1984.
180 pp., fabulous illustrations of 14 of the greatest instruments ever made. Limited to 1000 copies. In a slipcase. (binding a bit loose, but not coming detached, small stains on slipcase) Very scarce. $950.00 (reduced from $1500.00)


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