Part II ­ Briefly Described Items and Signatures on Cards, Album Leaves, etc.



CASSADÓ, Gaspar. Signed Program. 1950. In pencil. $135.00 Sold!


ELMAN, Mischa. Signature. Inscribed and dated 1923. $50.00 Sold!


FEUERMANN, Emanuel. Beautiful signature on a cut page that has been mounted to a card. 1939. Very scarce. $400.00 see illustration Sold!


HAHN, Hilary. Signed Photo. (8 x 10 inches) $60.00 Sold!


HALLÉ, Lady Wilma. 1902. Very large signature on album leaf, framed, with a portrait of Hallé and her husband Sir Charles Hallé pasted to the leaf. (7 ¼ x 6 ¾ inches) $85.00


HEIFETZ, Jascha. Signed Bell Telephone Hour Recital Program. 1958. $200.00 see illustration


HEIFETZ, Jascha. Signature on Album Leaf, with two small portraits attached to the leaf. 1941.$200.00. see illustration Sold!


HUBERMAN, Bronislaw and D’Aranyi, Jelly. Signatures on album leaf, with 2 other signatures.  $125.00 see illustration Sold!


JANIGRO, Antonio. Signed Program. 1962.    $85.00 Sold!


KODÁLY, Zoltan. Signature. On a card dated 1948, from Budapest. $125.00 see illustration Sold!


KREISLER, F. With a newspaper photo mounted to leaf. $75.00 Sold!


KULENKAMPFF, George. Autograph letter signed. Untranslated, but mentions Bartok. Scarce.  $200.00 Sold!


MARTEAU, Henri. Autograph Note Signed. 1909. $55.00 Sold!


MILSTEIN, Nathan. Signature. Dated 1940. With a small portrait attached to the leaf. $100.00 Sold!


NEVEU, Ginette. On an album leaf, with a copy of a photo. Dated 1948. Scarce. $650.00 see illustration Sold!


OISTRAKH, David. Signed Program. 1968. $150.00 see illustration Sold!


SPALDING, Albert. Signature. $50.00 see illustration Sold!


STRAVINSKY, I(gor). Large signature on album leaf. $275.00 see illustration


TOSCANINI. An envelope from NBC that the conductor has signed over the return address. $175.00 see illustration


URSO, Camilla. Inscribed and dated 1875. $75.00 Sold!


WILHELMJ, August. Program. 1878. (some wear) $25.00


ZIMBALIST, Efrem. Signature. On a one page concert program, 1934. $65.00 Sold!



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